8天7晚 纯享山东 - 青岛 (无购物站/无自费 )

Qingdao / Taian / Jinan / Weifang / Penglai / Yantai / Longkou
青岛 / 泰安 / 济南 / 淄博 / 潍坊 / 逢莱 / 烟台 / 龙口
** No Shopping Stop & No Optional Tour ** ** 3Nights international 5star Hotel ** Special Cuisine Meals ** Include Optional package tour : Qingzhou Ancient Street + Xiao Yu Shan (Little Fish Hill) Park + Five Dragons Pool + The Museum of the Former German Governor's House in Qingdao
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Meals on Board / Dinner Holiday Inn Express hotel or Similar Local 4* KUL / TAO MF848 0800-1625 (via Xiamen 1245-1355)
  • Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport for your flight to QingDao via Xiamen.
QINGDAO - (4.5hrs) QUFU
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner James Joyce Coffetel or Similar Local 4*
  • Zhan Qiao Pier - This symbolic structure was built in 1892 during the 18th year of Guangxu’s reign in the Qing dynasty and was the first pier in Qingdao. Inside the semi-circular seawall in the southern end there is a Chinese-style octagonal pavilion with double-layer eaves, named the Huilan Pavilion, which is one of the top ten sceneries of Qingdao.
  • The Catholic Church - Originally named St. Michael's Cathedral, the church was designed by German architect to be a Gothic and Romanesque Revival one. Standing at 56 meters, it is the largest Gothic architecture in the region, and the tallest building in the southern part of the then Qingdao. It is the only consecration church in China and a masterpiece of Christian architecture art.
  • Ba Da Guan (The Eight Great Passes):It got its name from the eight streets named after great military forts of the ancient times. The street block speaks volume for Qingdao’s charm. In the area over 300 houses are built in a variety of western architectural styles, including those of Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, France, America, Japan, Denmark, Spain, Greece and 15 other countries. Thus Ba Da Guan is known as “the World Architecture Expo”.
  • Jiaozhou Bay Sea-crossing Bridge: It is a super-large sea-crossing bridge designed, constructed and built by itself in China. The total length of the bridge is 36.48 kilometers.

QUFU - (1.5hrs) TAI'AN - (1.5hrs)JINAN
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner by own Jinan Ramada Hotel or Similar Local 5*
  • Confucian Mansion Located in the east side of Temple of Confucius, Mansion of Confucius was originally known as mansion of Yanshenggong. It used to be the house of the descents of Confucius for a long time. When Confucius passed away, his posterity settled down near the temple to attend to the remains of Confucius. By the end of North Song dynasty (960-1127), the mansions soared to more than ten, covering an area of 7.4 hectares. Now there are more than 480 rooms, buildings and halls. The former part is government office and the latter part is the residence.
  • Taishan Rift Valley(Including the scenic spot bus,not including drift) - Rift is closely combined with formation of karst caves in one hundred million, the overall tourism more than 6000 m in length, hole rock flowers, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone curtain, stone waterfall in one, formed the magical and wonderful scene, relying on the abundant groundwater resources in the hole, building 3000 meters underground river rafting, is by far the longest underground river rafting, water winding, adventure. Black Tiger Spring、
  • Kuanhou Folk Street:This tourist attraction is located on the south bank of the moat. The water comes from a natural deep cave (3 meters deep, 2 meters high and 1.7 meters wide) under a cliff. The water is clear and cool. Inside the cave lays a big bending rock, like a hidden crouching tiger. The echo sound of spring water hitting rocks is amazing like tiger's roar. That's where the name “Black Tiger” comes from.

JINAN - (2hrs) ZIBO
Breakfast / Lunch - / Dinner Jinan Ramada Hotel or Similar Local 5*
  • Daming Lake - Well-known as “Pearl of the City of Springs”, Daming Lake is a natural lake gathering spring water in the city center.
  • Qushuiting Street - Old houses with black bricks and red tiles, springs flowing in tranquility, the elderly washing rice or clothes in the springs, and the kids playing in the water make up a vivid painting of ordinary life in Jinan. There are a number of cultural and creative shops along the street, selling old objects, hand-painted cards, coarse cloth, or spring tea, creating a cultural atmosphere in the old street.
  • Renli Colored Glaze Art Museum - It is the first colored glaze art museum to collect ancient handmade high-end art in China.There are more than 3000 museum collections.The main categories refer to inner painting, lamp-blown, sculpture, rare glass materials and other traditional techniques.Each piece is a pure handmade work after dozens of processes.It is the only and singularly good one.

ZIBO -(1.5hrs) WEIFANG
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner s Weifang Food Valley International Exchange Center Hotel or Similar Local 4*
  • Tanxi Hillthe Tanxi Hill offers plenty clean air since over 80% of the region is covered by forests.
  • Forsythia & Peach blossom in April; Red leaves in October-November
  • Yangjiabu Folk Culture Village - It is the birthplace of Weifang kites and Yangjiabu woodblock new year paintings, which are among the first batch of intangible cultural heritages approved by the State Council.

WEIFANG - (2.5hrs) PENGLAI - (1.5hrs)YANTAI
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Yantai Best Western Hotel or Similar Local 5*
  • The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Scenic Area - known as “the Fairy Land for Tourists” which resembles the shape of a cucurbit, was based upon the tale of the Eight Immortals with Taoism culture as the core value.
  • Changyu Wine Culture Museum - Changyu Pioneer Wine Co. Inc. was established by Mr. Zhang Bishi, the founding father of China’s wine industry. Built in 1992 the museum is based on the former site of Changyu Company and houses a centennial cellar and an exhibit hall, walking its visitors through a glorious century for China’s wine industry.

YANTAI - (1.5hrs) LONGKOU - (3hrs) QINGDAO
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner by own Doubletree by Hilton Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis Hotel or Similar Local 5*
  • The Nanshan Buddhist Temple - The 38.66-meter Nanshan Buddha Statue, the world’s largest bronze sitting Buddha Statue that weighs 380 tons, and the 13.66-meter Nanshan Yaoshi Jade Buddha Statue, China’s largest indoor jade Buddha statue, are the jewels in the crown.
  • Qingdao Beer Factory - Visit the advanced production line and Drink fresh Tsingtao Beer.
Breakfast / Meals on Board TAO / KUL MF847 1400-2220 (via Xiamen1630-1755)
  • May Fourth Square(Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center) - With the office building of Municipal Government to the north, the symbolic ten-hectare square was named after the May Fourth Movement which was triggered in Qingdao. The square is best recognized by the large “May Wind” sculpture, the symbolic tourism site of Qingdao, which expresses the patriotism and national strength of the May Fourth Movement. The sailing marina hosted the sailing games during the 29th Olympic Games and the 13th Paralympic Games.
  • Zhongshan Park - It is the oldest, largest and best-equipped multifunction park in Qingdao. The name was given in memory of Sun Yat-sen in 1929. The park distinguishes itself from others for the corridor of 20,000 cherry trees imported from Japan. Tourists crowd the place to appreciate cherry blossoms every April and May.

No Shopping Stop
** 无购物站 & 无自费 ** ** 纯玩团不设购物店,让您尽情畅玩 ** 济南宽厚里品尝当地特色小吃 ** 当地Shopping Mall自由购物 ** 全程安排优秀导游讲解,更深入地了解山东当地风土人情 精彩活动 ** 觀世界第一『錫青銅鑄大坐佛』 ** 漫步世界首例无背索斜拉弧形『玻璃桥』 ** 百年青岛啤酒博物馆 PK 百年张裕酒文化博物馆 ** 亿万年形成的喀斯特溶洞 - 『泰山地下大裂谷』 ** 孔子故乡“天下第一家” - 世界文化遗产『孔府』 ** 八仙过海处 - 畅游『八仙渡海口风景区』 ** 齐文化之都 - 『China琉璃小镇,手绘鼻烟壶』 三晚豪华住宿 ** 济南&淄博:升级 【国际品牌】 五星标准※ 华美达酒店 或 同级 ** 青岛:升级 【国际品牌】 五星标准※ 东方影都万达希尔顿逸林酒店 或 同级 精选美馔 ** 【重本】五星酒店内自助餐、青岛本味鲜汤包 ** 百年流亭猪蹄 + 山东大馒头、泰山风情宴 ** 八仙宴、孔府福宴、鲁菜风味、青岛小海鲜风味 自费项目已含 ** 【青州古城 + 小鱼山公园 + 五龙潭公园 + 德国总督府旧址博物馆】
精选美馔 ** 【重本】五星酒店内自助餐、青岛本味鲜汤包 ** 百年流亭猪蹄 + 山东大馒头、泰山风情宴 ** 八仙宴、孔府福宴、鲁菜风味、青岛小海鲜风味
第 1
吉隆坡 ✈ 青岛
机上用餐 / 晚餐 青岛国际4★ 新开业西海岸高新智选假日酒店或同级 吉隆坡 / 青岛 MF848 0800-1625 (途径厦门 1245-1355)
  • 集合于吉隆坡国际机场。抵达青岛流亭国际机场,晚餐后,入住酒店

第 2
青岛 - (车程约4.5小时) 曲阜
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐 曲阜准4★ 喆非酒店或同级
  • 栈桥公园-青岛的重要标志性建筑,始建于清光绪十八年(1892年),是青岛最早的码头。南端修建的半圆形防波堤内筑有民族风格的双层飞檐八角亭阁,定名回澜阁,“飞阁回澜”被誉为“青岛十景”之一。
  • 圣弥厄尔教堂- 1934年由德国设计师依据哥德式和罗马式建筑风格而设计。是青岛地区最大的哥特式建筑,塔身高56米,是旧时青岛市区南部的最高建筑。也是中国唯一的祝圣教堂,同时也是基督教建筑艺术的杰作。
  • 八大关风景区:因有八条以中国古代著名关隘命名的街道,故称“八大关”。是一座最能体现青岛“红瓦绿树、碧海蓝天”特点的景观。这里有俄罗斯、德国、英国、法国、美国、日本、丹麦、西班牙、希腊等24个国家300余栋西式建筑,被誉为“万国建筑博览会”。

第 3
曲阜 - (车程约1.5小时) 泰安 - (车程约1.5小时) 济南
早餐 / - / 晚餐自理 济南准5★ 华美达大酒店或同级

第 4
济南 - (车程约2小时) 淄博
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐 淄博准5★ 华美达酒店或同级
  • 大明湖南岸-济南核心地区的天然湖泊,素有”泉城明珠”的美誉。
  • 曲水亭街及百花洲-青砖红瓦的老屋和静静流淌的清泉,泉边淘米洗衣的老人和戏水的孩子,就是活生生的泉城市井风情画。街边开设了多家文化创意小店,经营老物件、手绘名片、老粗布、泉水茶馆等,更增添了老街的文化氛围。
  • China琉璃小镇(参观人立琉璃艺术馆,手绘鼻烟壶) -是国内首家以收藏古法手工高端艺术品为主的琉璃艺术馆,馆藏精品三千余

第 5
淄博-(车程约1.5小时) 潍坊
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐 潍坊准4★ 食品谷国际交流中心 或同级
  • 潭溪山国家森林公园 -“春赏花,夏玩水,秋赏红叶,冬观冰瀑”四季可游。乘坐101米观光电梯及漫步世界首例无背索斜拉弧形玻璃桥,桥面跨度117米,悬空高度近110米,外弧最大半径90米,桥面宽度2.45米,最大承载量3.5吨/平方米,可承载900余吨,约合单次承重1万人。
  • *4月份赏连翘、桃花;10月-11月赏红叶
  • 杨家埠民俗古村 - (体验木板年画的印制<赠送传统年画每人一张>,参观风筝博物馆):非物质文化遗产--潍坊风筝、杨家埠年画的发源地。杨家埠木版年画有近600年的历史,是全国三大木版画市之一。

第 6
潍坊 - (车程约2.5小时) 蓬萊 - (车程约1.5小时) 烟台
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐 烟台准5★ 贝斯特韦斯特酒店或同级
  • 八仙渡海口风景区- 以道教文化为中心,以八仙过海的神话传说为主题,三面环海,呈宝葫芦状横卧海上,享有“神话仙境,休闲天堂”的美誉。
  • 张裕酒文化博物馆-(品尝两种红葡萄酒 <赠送每人一支100ML纪念酒>) :张裕葡萄酿酒公司由中国葡萄酒酿造第一人张弼士先生于1892年投资创建。1915年张裕公司的白兰地、红葡萄、雷司令、琼瑶浆荣获“巴拿马太平洋万国博览会”金质奖章和最优等奖状。1987年国际葡萄、葡萄酒局命名为亚洲唯一的“国际葡萄、葡萄酒城”。张裕酒文化博物馆于1992年在张裕公司旧址院内建成,主要由百年地下酒窖和展厅两部分组成,展示了中国民族酿酒工业的百年辉煌历史。

第 7
烟台 - (车程约1.5小时) 龙口-(车程约3小时)青岛
早餐 / 午餐 / 晚餐大型shopping Mall自理 青岛国际5★ 东方影都万达希尔顿逸林酒店或同级
  • 龙口南山大佛 - (沐浴佛光、 祈福納祥)及南山禪寺:世界最大的锡青铜坐佛(像高38.66米,重380吨)--南山大佛和国内最大的室内玉佛(像高13.66米,重660吨)--南山药师玉佛成为景区两大亮点。
    - (品尝新鲜青岛啤酒):百年青岛啤酒企业
第 8
青岛 ✈ 吉隆坡
早餐 / 机上用餐 青岛 / 吉隆坡 MF847 1400-2220 (途径厦门 1630-17555)
  • 五四广场(远眺2008年奥运帆船比赛中心) - 北依青岛市政府办公大楼,总占地面积10公顷,因青岛为“五四运动”导火索而得名。主体雕塑《五月的风》体现了“五四运动”的爱国主义基调和民族力量,成为青岛标志性旅游景观。2008年第29届奥运会和13届残奥会帆船比赛在这里举行。
  • 中山公园 - 是青岛市历史最长、规模最大、设施最完备的综合性公园,1929年为纪念孙中山先生命名为“中山公园”。公园最富特色的是从日本引进的2万株樱花,形成了一条贯通公园南北的樱花长廊,每年四、五月份樱花盛开,美不胜收,游人如织。

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